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Current Fees

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DVLA Database Lookups.

Full access to the DVLA Database, giving lots of vehicle data at your fingertips.
Available as standalone software, or integral with AutoMaster invoicing.

AutoMaster - May 2017.

JobCards and Calendar!
Plan the days ahead, fill in appointment slots for all the bays in your workshop, record work to be done, instructions, parts needed, times, vehicle and customer details. Convert a  Job Card to a quote, or an Invoice.

More about invoicing...

AutoMaster -April 2017

Send texts to mobiles!
Our Garage Invoicing software can now send reminder texts to customers, informing them that their MOT/Service is due. Excellent to maintain that all important repeat business.
Use it for common tasks also, such as informing them there vehicle is ready for collection. Save time and money on making regular calls.

Also available as a standalone service, not connected with AutoMaster Garage Invoicing software.

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 AutoMaster - March 2017.


The Garage Invoicing software, now has the ability to send a copy of the invoice to customers via email. Just select Print, and send it via our built in email facility. Settings for Gmail and Hotmail, and SSL encryption for added security.

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Bank Account details now added to invoices for customers to make payments.

More about Invoicing...

Current Fees and Rates.    (From 1st Jan 2017.)

Call Out fees include the first hour. *
Significant reductions can be made on all our Call Out Fees and Hourly Rates using the Retainer Tariff. See below.

Standard Fees
(Visits to your premises.)

(Can be reduced
via Retainer Tariff.) *
Call Out Fee

   As convenient 

Call Out Fee

      Next Day      

Call Out Fee

    Same Day   
Daily 4 hours
Pre booked
(No call out)
Daily 8 hours
(No Call Out)
Mon-Fri 9-5  £50.00  £60.00 £70.00  £30.00  £120.00 £200.00
Evenings & Saturdays  £70.00  £80.00  £90.00  £40.00  £160.00 £280.00
Sundays & Bank holidays  £90.00  £100.00 £110.00  £50.00  £200.00  £360.00

External Services
  Send SMS Text Message   £0.15 each
  Forward SMS Text Message   £0.15 each
  Forward Voice Call   £0.003 per second = £0.18 per minute.
  Line rental for above
  £10.00 per month.
  DVLA Look ups   £0.50 per query.

 Retainer Tariff.

 This is a new feature.
For every £100 paid to us, you get 10% discount from the Call Out Fees and Hourly Rates for the year following  payment of the Tariff amount. You decide the amount (multiples of £100) that you want to pay.
Up to a maximum of 50% reduction. (£500 yearly fee.)
It also entitles you to no Telephone Troubleshooting Charges.

Troubleshooting * *
For questions/help unconnected
with our products/services.
Per Call
Includes 1st 5 mins. 
Extra Minutes
per min .   

Mon-Fri 9-5

£5.00 £0.30
Evenings & Saturdays £7.50


Sundays & Bank holidays

£10.00 £0.60




Domain Names, Webspace, and Mailboxes
Yearly domains £20.00
.com domains £30.00
Webspace 1 GByte £80.00
Email Addresses (500MB ) (Setup fee) £5.00 (One off)
Email Addresses rental £5.00
Email Additional Mailbox Storage (per GByte) £5.00
Websites from £250.00 (One off)



 * Call out fees are calculated from when we leave our premises to when we return to our premises, therefore taking into account mileage and travel time.

* * Charges made for troubleshooting with non Feedback Software based  issues. Otherwise known as "Picking our brains."

We make no charge for general enquiries about our products and services, or for troubleshooting issues regarding our products.
We do charge for items such as "How do I set up a googlemail account?", "How do I back up my pictures?", "Help, I have a virus!" and other similar questions. Also, we charge for any requests for re-issuing passwords that we keep for you. You should store them better, if you need to ring us and ask! Customers who pay the Retainer Tariff are exempt from these charges.

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